Why we went FULL TIME RV.



Back in 2012, we thought about the full time RV life. We only had one baby, a dog, and a huge case of wanderlust. We went to look at RVs at the local RV dealership on weekend, we ran the numbers, we mapped it out. There were only a few things holding us back… MONEY, health insurance, and a job that would allow us to travel. We filed the idea in the maybe one day file and moved on.

Fast forward to 2018.

Someone offered to let us live on their land… the only catch was that we had to live in an RV. I wasn’t sure how 3 children , a dog, and 2 adults could live in an RV.. .and not move around. I remember telling Stephen that I wasn’t game for the idea, UNLESS we got to travel in said RV.

That next week we prayed, and dug up that old file. Could this be the “one day”?

This time there was NOTHING holding us back! Both being self-employed provided us a new found freedom that we had never experienced before. We could technically live ANYWHERE. So why not an RV, and live EVERYWHERE?

We began researching, praying, talking to friends who are old pros at full timing, dreaming, and running the actual numbers (it’s a little more costly than one would think).

Stephen was already traveling for work fairly frequently. So, us traveling as a family meant much more time TOGETHER. In my opinion time together as a family is much more valuable than any THING, any amount of space, or status.

After touring RVs, researching a little more online and PRAYING about homeschooling…. we decided to GO FOR IT!

IN short we did it for…

TIME to be together!

The ADVENTURE. Our children are getting an amazing opportunity to see, experience and explore. (And we are too!)

The opportunity to minimize the noise and stuff in our lives, and focus on what truly matters to us.

fetauredTeressa Mackey