Disney World with Small Children

I didn’t grow up a Disney Fan.

I’m not 100% sure that I even knew what Disney World was until my adult years and it wasn’t the place I was interested in vacationing at.

And then, we went as a family. And then, we went AGAIN.


I’m in NO way a DISNEY expert, but I’ll share a few tips that have majorly helped our disney trips flow smoothly with small children (6 and under).

  1. The obvious is FAST PASS. If you can schedule out via fast pass the rides/shows that are MOST important to you and your littles. This will significantly save you on those long line wait times!

  2. Bring a friend or relative along with you! Having an extra set of hands and eyes is obviously helpful. Especially to take the “big kids” on rides or shar

  3. SNACK. SNACKS. SNACKS. Yep, you can bring your lunch and more into the parks. We told our children up front that we weren’t going to buy any food inside the parks, instead they got to pick out their own special snacks and lunch items from the grocery store. This way, no one expects to get a $20 Mickey treat, and no one whines about not getting one either. Seriously it’s MAGIC. NO matter the time, we gave them a grocery store snack when they asked.

  4. Shop Ahead: Head to a local (Orlando) Wal-Mart or Target to find special Disney “souvenir” type gear. Those bubble wands, Mickey ears, signature books.. it’s all there and at a fraction of the cost!

  5. Set the expectations for the day and don’t overdue it. Be sure to talk with the kids about the plans for the day, and give them the chance to help plan out what they will do and see (even if it’s already planned- you can give them insight). Yes, you paid a TON of money just to get into the park. Yes, you want to get your money’s worth. No, your children probably DO NOT understand that. I’d rather have an amazing 5 hours where everyone is happy, content and excited to bet there.. THAN being DOG tired, and dragging 3 unwilling children all over creation. If you have to break your day up by taking a nap mid afternoon .. DO IT and come back in the evening for the fireworks. What we realized is that if we were significantly LESS STRESSED about “doing it all”, our kids were significantly less stressed as well. And less stress, makes for much better memories.

I can honestly say I’ve caught the DISNEY bug, and totally get the magic now!!

This set of photos from the perspective of a 6 year old boy. :)

Teressa Mackey